Monday, June 18, 2018

Day and night

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This is how day and night works everyday
Firstly the earth spins  causing day and night.

In fact there is a invisible line called the earth's axis.

Secondly the earth moves more ways than one.

Furthermore when its still spinning  it is also orbiting around the sun  called one revolution. There is 365 days in a revolution

An important fact is that well its rotating and revolving around the sun it is tilted that causes one part of the earth to lean towards the sun and one to lean away from the sun. Looking at the moon.

Lastly the northern hemisphere  leans towards the sun and the southern hemisphere to lean away.

WALT use punctuation to explain day and night and use a brainstorm

Sunday, June 17, 2018

days in the week in tongan and numbers in tongan from one to ten

WALT include our first language in our writing.
My challenge was to remember to use our first language in our writing.

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T u'apulelulu
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Hongu fulu

The trail

Walking water project

Last week on Thursday Room eight was working on a science project called walking water. We were working in buddies and My buddy was Sosaia.

Firstly Ms Bracey had to set up the science project up. She put three cups with the primary colors  pulu anga agna gula gula,three empty cups in between them,one cup with water and strips of paper inside them.

Secondly we had to predict what would happen and we had to ask questions. Then on Friday morning we looked at it and they merged and made the secondary colors in the empty cups with the strips.

Thirdly we had to see and observe and get information.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The big astoried

WALT:create an animation of solar system using google drawing.

Thinkers Key

Alphabet in space
Asteroids Black hole Comets Dwarf planets Earth Flares Gravity Heat Iron Jupiter Kale Light Magnetic Field Neutron star Orbit Planets Quaoar Roket Sun Titan Uranus Venus World Xena Ymir

If we had No Gravity

.We would float.
.Things would float
.Food would be flying
.water would solid
.Chips would freeze
.The ocean will fly
.The rain will move slowly
.We could climb high mountains
.We could lift up the heaviest thing
.we could walk on water
.We could jump up to the sky
.Watch tv
.Play rugby
.Go to school
.Have a floating board
.sleep upside down

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Earth's moon phases

WALT use google drawings  create the different moon phases.
The challenge was to use shapes to make our moon phases.

Monday, May 21, 2018

My amazing puzzle piece

On friday we were given  one large blank piece of paper. We got one tiny puzzle piece. We had to copy it. There were 20 puzzle pieces. We got one piece each so that means that we got 1/20 as a fraction. We had to chose the correct colors for the paper. We had to chose them carefully.