Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Donut conversation

On wednesday the 16th we did a warmup for writing. before we did writing we did the roll.  And did our job.Miss Ashley explained “one buddy goes in the middle , and the other buddy one the outside so it makes a donut shape.” Then she gave us little pieces of  paper with questions on them.

“Cedric asked, '' Would you rather eat ice cream or chocolate cake” 
“I said chocolate cake because it's made out of chocolate. Then she told us to move on to the left so we could have new buddies  to ask questions.

Helenaih asked me “ would  you rather be a doctor of a police” lol lol lol
“Then I said I would be a police so I could stop crime”. But when Miss Ashley answered she Replied’’ So I could touch gut and stuff” Because she loves it.

Then we rotated so we had new questions. Then Someone asked me” if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go”.
“ I would go to Africa or Tonga.
But then Miss Said next but we already had the buddy. So we were already done.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


On Thursday in the morning Room7 had a game called Pictionary drawing. We had to get into three groups.

Then after we had got into three groups she told us the rules. She said “no talking or making the word”, “no writing letters or words and no hand gestures except rolling hands”. This is similar to charades but instead of acting we have to draw it. Our whole group was so eager to start. In my group I had Maria,Ana,Me,Dyzon,Tsai and Tisharn. We had names for our groups. Our groups name was Flash lighting. We had to write on a teacher station.

After a few minutes later Miss Ashley shouted “3 2 1”!. Then we all started drawing The first object. The first object that we had to draw was a basketball then a Teddy bear then we won that so we to a point. The last one was that we had to guess a scuba diver. Some of us were apprehensive and impatient.

We were all competitive. We all rushed to see the points and we were the winners the flash lightning group.

It was very exciting playing this game but we were nervous and competitive at the same time.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Today in Room 7 did roll plays about feelings. We did lots of sometimes our play was so so funny. We only did four plays. By the time we were finish it was 10:42. The feelings that we did were terrified,excited,happy, and (hoha) annoyed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Andy Warhol

Image resultAndy Warhol is a american artist a director and a producer. His type of art is called pop art. He was born in 1928 February August 6 in Pittsburgh and died in 1987 February 22.He studied commercial art at the carnegie institute of technology. He moved to New york city to start his own career in magazine illustration and advertising. He did printmaking to push ink to make more of the pictures.He was famous for doing his art. His art was Pop art he made lots of printmaking.Image result for art works of andy warholImage result for art works of andy warholImage result for art works of andy warhol

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Narrative writing plan

By wesley and cedric 

Once upon a time there lived a little but hard bullet ant, A strong and fearless gorilla and also a bad and cheeky leopard.

In the wonderful big rainforest  where there is lots of cool and strong protectors that protect the forest from the evil and vicious leopard. The leopard was so bad that he wanted to eat all of the animals in the rainforest.

Then one morning when the moon was up and the sun was down the vicious leopard climbed the trees and  broke into the rainforest and tried to kill all of the animals that had lots of meat inside of them. He scratched all of the skinny and fat also juicy animals on their faces.

But then the protectors of the forest came and killed the vicious leopard they used their mighty power to cut through the leopards flesh. Then the leopard scratches the gorillas abs. Then the gorilla used his muscles to punch him to the African plains.

Then they all went out to eat muscles. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019



Seahorses-by Wesley
 2.Seahorses like fish
 3.Seahorses eat lots of fish
 4.Seahorses swim fast

2.Lions have sharp teeth.
3.Lions are predators cat.
4.Lion like water

2.Elephant likes circus.
3.Elephant shower with trunk
4.Elephant are big