Tuesday, February 11, 2020

School Values

Kaitiakitanga mean guardianship. Guardianship means looking after something to protect it. For us we protect the school property and the environment that we live in.

Whanaungatanga means building positive relationships. This also means making friends by communicating with them and seeing if you got anything in common. It also means making a person feel belonged and included.

Ako means teaching others and learning. To teach others and learn is by using our ears and communicating with each other so they can understand.

Manaakitanga means hospitality. Which means if a newcomer comes to our school we would welcome them and show them around the School. It is kind of the same to Whanaungatanga but a little different.

Information report

Tamaki primary school is located in Alamein road in panmure in Auckland. We also have at least more than 100 students in this school. The principle for 2020 is Ms Kelly.

Tamaki Primary School is located in Auckland in the village Panmure Address 1072 Alamein road. In this location there are many houses. You can also spot the school easily if You spot a big tree next to Tripoli road. It is  also near the Tamaki river. We also have a Park,field and Basketball court.

The population of Tamaki Primary has 215 students. There are about nineteen teachers in this school.

There are more pacific islanders than Pakeha. The ethnicities in this school are Tongan,Samoan,Cook island,Maori and Pakeha.We don’t know exactly how many of each ethnicity. But in the whole school there are more than every other ethnicity.

School Values
Tamaki School Values are Mana Tangata,Manaakitanga,Whanaungatanga,Ako and Kaitiakitanga. Mana Tangata is Tolerance and  peace. Ako is Teaching  and learning. Kaitiakitanga is Protecting what you own. Whanaungatanga is building positive relationships.

Maths Slide show

Sunday, February 9, 2020

What is Te Whare Tapa Wha/Hauora?

What is Te Whare Tapa Wha/Hauora?

Hauora is thinking about the 4 dimensions (parts) of Maori health. It is represented by a 4 sided house (called a Wharenui). The 4 sides are Taha Whanau (social), Taha Tinana (physical), Taha Wairua (spiritual) and Taha Hinengaro (emotional). All 4 parts are important and need to be equal - if one is not healthy, the others are affected.

Taha Tinina (physical health) includes Fitness and Shower if you smell.

Taha Wairua (spiritual health) includes
Hell,heaven and religious belief. 

Taha Hinengaro (emotional health) includes happy,sad,excited,depressed,frustrated.

Taha Whanau (social health) included Fitness, boyfriend girlfriend.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Water Project

What I have learned about the water project is that they store water help the community to grow in everything and make kids have better education. There are more people in Africa that die more then all of the people that died in wars combined. There goal is to stop poverty and make sure anyone can not die. What they have achieved is that they made more improvement to Africa so no more poverty.