Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Water Project

What I have learned about the water project is that they store water help the community to grow in everything and make kids have better education. There are more people in Africa that die more then all of the people that died in wars combined. There goal is to stop poverty and make sure anyone can not die. What they have achieved is that they made more improvement to Africa so no more poverty.


Chess help you to focus.

It also helps people to think about their actions.

It also helps you to challenge your brain to get more info.

Chess takes away time from spending with family and friends.

Chess can damage other areas for life.

It can also damage you're brain.

Fight for fair

It very not fair because girls are just the same as boys. It is not fair that they play and get less money then they should. In sports this does not happen but the rugby boys for NZ gets more money then the NZ women's rugby team. It definitely not fair. Both teams should get the same amount and just because they are girls doesn't mean they can't do what boys can. Girls can also do stuff that boys can't.


Usaint bolt is fast as a cheetah

John cena is as strong as a gorilla

Snow white is white as snow

Cinderella is as beautiful like a daisy

BFG character description

The BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. He is a giant but not mean. He is very nice but not really good in speaking. When he speaks he does not make sense at all. People might think that giant are mean and ruthless but they are mostly just helpless lost people. He is very magical and very kind. He protects human from other giants to keep them safe. When you first meet The BFG you would yell he would just be more afraid then you are of him.

Friday, December 13, 2019


Sia is the mountain

Vaitafe is the vaitafe

I come from Auckland

Ko hoku huafa Wesy 

My name is Wesley