Thursday, September 19, 2019


Today in Room 7 did roll plays about feelings. We did lots of sometimes our play was so so funny. We only did four plays. By the time we were finish it was 10:42. The feelings that we did were terrified,excited,happy, and (hoha) annoyed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Andy Warhol

Image resultAndy Warhol is a american artist a director and a producer. His type of art is called pop art. He was born in 1928 February August 6 in Pittsburgh and died in 1987 February 22.He studied commercial art at the carnegie institute of technology. He moved to New york city to start his own career in magazine illustration and advertising. He did printmaking to push ink to make more of the pictures.He was famous for doing his art. His art was Pop art he made lots of printmaking.Image result for art works of andy warholImage result for art works of andy warholImage result for art works of andy warhol

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Narrative writing plan

By wesley and cedric 

Once upon a time there lived a little but hard bullet ant, A strong and fearless gorilla and also a bad and cheeky leopard.

In the wonderful big rainforest  where there is lots of cool and strong protectors that protect the forest from the evil and vicious leopard. The leopard was so bad that he wanted to eat all of the animals in the rainforest.

Then one morning when the moon was up and the sun was down the vicious leopard climbed the trees and  broke into the rainforest and tried to kill all of the animals that had lots of meat inside of them. He scratched all of the skinny and fat also juicy animals on their faces.

But then the protectors of the forest came and killed the vicious leopard they used their mighty power to cut through the leopards flesh. Then the leopard scratches the gorillas abs. Then the gorilla used his muscles to punch him to the African plains.

Then they all went out to eat muscles. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019



Seahorses-by Wesley
 2.Seahorses like fish
 3.Seahorses eat lots of fish
 4.Seahorses swim fast

2.Lions have sharp teeth.
3.Lions are predators cat.
4.Lion like water

2.Elephant likes circus.
3.Elephant shower with trunk
4.Elephant are big

Monday, July 22, 2019


New words from reading
 Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Big idea: within each kingdom there are more different groups that classify animals.

Prokaryotes - a name of a kingdom
Etc means etcetera
Interbreed - when two different animals have babies together

Mnemonics help us remember hard things, for example NEVER EAT SOGGY WEETBIX helps us remember North East South West.

This is the mnemonic i learnt to help me remember the order:
Keep pounds clean of fish get sick


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Animal kingdom

New words from animal kingdom reading
Monday’s reading

Organism - a living thing
Vertebrate - has a spine
Invertebrate - has no spine
Taxonomy - a way to group things
Diverse - a big range
Amphibians -
Heterotrophic - means they must find and eat food
Primates (apes, monkeys)
Rodents (rats, squirrels)
Cetaceans (dolphins, whales)
Marsupials (kangaroos, koalas)
Monotremes (egg laying mammals like the platypus)
Autotrophic - make their own food by photosynthesis
Photosynthesis - how plants make their own food
Vascular - uses roots to absorb water
Nonvascular - uses the whole plant to absorb water
Decompose, decomposition - to break down
Non-flowering - no flowers
Thermophiles - (root word is thermo which is about temperature)

Big ideas from the reading
All living things are called organisms.
They are organised into 6 groups called kingdoms. Each group has certain characteristics that each organism must have.
Can move on their own
Are heterotrophic (can’t make their own food)
Must eat to survive
Vertebrates and invertebrates
They are Autotrophic (they make their own food)
Some are vascular and nonvascular.
If a plant has seeds or fruit, it is a flowering plant.
Are made up of just one cell. They are everywhere. Some bacteria are good and some are bad.
Bacteria called decomposers break down dead plants and anacteria.
Can survive where no other organism can live.
Thermophiles, methanogens and halophiles
Say it fun guy
Mushrooms are a fungi
They are heterotrophic (can’a make their own food)
Use enzymes to break down food

Are related to either plants, animals or fungi (one of them, not related to all of them at the same time)