Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maths problems

Word Problems using the number 8:

Panikeke is the island version of a fried donut. The local bakery put 4 Panikekes in each pack that they sell. If they sell 8 packs, how many Panikekes have they sold altogether? 4x8=32

The All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby union team. During their rugby training the All Blacks use 48 cones. If 8 All Black players helped pick up all 48 cones and all 8 of them pick up the same amount of cones, how many cones does each All Black player pick up?8x6=64

Extra for early finishers:

There a 7 days in one week. The Panmure Shopping Centre open up a new barber shop and the shop owner says that only 8 customers visit his barber shop each day of the week (no more than and no less than). How many customers would visit the new barber shop in one week?8x7=56

Tamaki Primary school have an egg race day and 72 students have signed up for the race. If there are 8 teams and they have the same amount of students in each one, how many students will be in each team?8x9=72
Other questions:

If I can dig 16 holes in 8 hours, how many holes can I dig in 1 hour?

If there are 8 people sitting at a table and each person is served 4 waffles each, how many waffles have been served altogether?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Swimming Recount

At school after morning tea we went to the Lagoon pool and  I was so excited. So we went on the bus and then the teachers on the  bus told people to leave space so there could be a thread on each seat. But some of them were little seats that can only fit in one person from room 6. In the bus we went with room five and room eight because room seven went in the morning to the pools. Everyone was singing songs in the bus so it doesn't feel very bored.When we got to the Lagoon pools Miss Sharma said to us to be quiet and  she called room six to go first. to go inside the swimming pools then she called room eight to go then she called room five to go.

When all the classrooms went inside we started to take off our school uniform and wear our swimming clothes. Then Miss Sharma politely said to us which group” are you” in so we replied back to her and said our group.when we went inside the pools we saw room  three do traffic movements in the pool even Miss Irene saw them do traffic movement they even had to go under a massive light  blue square by pulling the water towards them so they can move faster.than they were finished so we got to go inside the pool and learn what room three has learnt in swimming but first we had to learn how to do a streamline.

She halved the pool so we don’t go everywhere because sometimes we don’t listen to the instructor. So she halved the pool so we can stay in line and so can do it perfect then after that she taught as how to float on our backs then she taught as how to swim in the water  then we had to get our board we had to hold it on the bottom and kik our legs.when we were doing the streamline we had to bend your knees and push then you have to rub your feet together and kik.After that we were going to do a race.  we had to swim without touching the ground.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

MY kite poem

Image result for kite gifsImage result for kite gifs

I see Kites everywhere
I like when they fly

I like how they move they move like they are alive

Recount about flying a kite

Yesterday afternoon we went with our bags to where the bike shed is because we are going to fly kites. But Miss Sharma said to us to not go passed the tree with the seat’s because Miss Kayla's class which is room ten was there doing kiwi can. So we were going on the grass but on the other side.

We were running with our kites to make it fly in the air but first we had to put all our bags on the steps next to the hole. We were running with our own kites but davlyn and gus did not have a kite so they used Miss Sharma’s one. And they had to make one tomorrow. Well  we were flying the kites I saw Levi’s kite get stuck on the tree. And then gus climbed the tree and got levi’s kite  but levi did not have that much time to fly his kite because the bell rang.

Miss Sharma was filming as flying our kites. We could just stand and let our kites get blow in the air.We had to get our kites and take them home with our bags but Miss Sharma shouted to us DON'T FLY YOUR KITE WELL WALKING HOME.