Thursday, May 16, 2019


At the museum I had an adult with me. Our adult was Ana. She was Cedric’s auntie and Lily’s. We first went to the volcano it was very fun because we had to go into this fake house that shakes. Like a real volcanic eruption. Inside the house when the volcano erupts it make the house shake.

After we went to the volcano we went to explore all of level two and level one. It was very  fun because go to explore the most oldest things like a mummy that was a woman that died at the age of 20. She died ages ago like when the egyptian were still around.

When it was eleven we got to go to level 0 so we can explore the marie. The tour guide was the one that showed us all of the special old things the early Maori used. After he showed us the items there were we had to go up and explain what we first think that it was.

Next we could explore the whole of the museum. My group went and climbed the trees outside first then we went to explore the whole museum. We went to the Hall of fame,The dinosaur’s,early Maori life and World war 2 then we gathered where the buses where and we went back to school.