Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018


Wow look at that big volcano we were at rangitoto. The volcano was still dormant. We will camp over well it’s dormant. Come on we have to continue our adventure. Come guys we have to go find fresh water and food to drink and eat . I “said “to “him “okay all of us have backpacks with nothing in it except for empty water bottles. Some of us had to split up to look for food. Some of got lost so we shouted for the others then the others shouted back. Another four hours later after we drank the ground shook and it was a big shook. The volcano started erupting after a few hours because it got active. Ash was up in the sky,all of the water got poisoned.

After a while some of us found food and some didn't we put a fire for the food to get cooked so we can eat. Four hour later we started looking for water to drink it was 7am in the morning we searched and we searched until we finally found an fresh river. After that we put it in our empty water bottle we drank lots of water because we were very thirsty.

5 w's
What erupting volcano poisoned water.
Where Rangitoto island.
Why because it got active.
Who others.
When After a few hours

Wesley, I like that you have bolded your Dane.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In the moring

Today on Wednesday in the morning we had to eat breakfast. Our mum also had to make our lunch well she was doing that we were watching tv. After that we had to get our shoes and bags and lunchbox.

Whanau conference

Today on Wednesday we had to bring our parent to talk about our learning. Well we are waiting for our turn we had to wait outside our classroom. These are our classrooms names. Room 9 Room 10 Room 1  Room 8.


   I learnt how to jab

WALT do boxing

In boxing we have a teacher called Pax she won 2 games and waiting for her third game.  We had to do foot work. We learnt to jab and cross and also to move in boxing.


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WALT: Financial Literacy in Primary
Price waterhouse coopers

I learnt how to save money for something that you want.
I also learnt how to0 lend.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Thought cloud

  • Centre my text writing.
  • Increase the size of font writing.
  • Give depth to the thought cloud outline.
  • Replace the colour of the fill to clear not blue.

Teenage girl

                                               Teenage Girl

WALT write a introduction

One day there was a teenage Taahine (girl) hanging out in the forest with her four friends, until they got hungry.

So they went back an got (ice cream) until someone jumped  out and blamed her on something she did not do.


WALT write an introduction

Once under the street in the drains there's a Spiderman living.

His back story is that he had an old friend that disagreed with him.

Santa claus

Where: At the train station.
Who:The character is Santa Claus.
When: It was on Friday afternoon.
What: He Finds a portal to another world.
Why: Because he wanted to find out what is at the other side of the portal.

One Christmas Night Santa Claus was out delivering presents to other countries in the world. While he was out giving out presents his big  red slay that can fit more than 1000 presents ran out of magic so it fell down. But luckily there was a train station close by. He went inside the train. The train was moving fast then it transported him into another world out of New Zealand.