Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Recount about the best day ever

One fine morning I went to the deep blue sea with Dad and big brother Kensington. \Me my brother waited until my Dad came with the fishing rod. We put 1 little fish onto the fishing rod so one big fish can eat the  little fish then get attached to the fishing rod, and then eventually  died for our feed. When we got to the sea I could smell the fresh air from the ocean.

First we hopped into the car. I was excited because I was learning how to fish. I did not get anything but my dad said that if I got one, I had to put it back into the sea. I was a little disappointed because I had hoped to catch one.

When we finished we hopped in the car then roasted the fish it tasted delicious. I think it was the best day ever.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Recount Assessment

Today we tested 2  dark chocolate Mrs sharma was the one that brag the dark chocolate. Mrs sharma called lydia  to come and video us smaling the chocolate and eating the dark chocolate. But there were labels on one of the chocolate. We learnt that labels can  be  propaganda propaganda means telling people that it is the best chocolate in the world and forcing people to buy it so they can get  more money for their   boss. And there was one that had only 99% of coco. Tested yucky because there was not that much of sugar we tested the one with labels and it had 48.5 sugar in it we tested and it was yum because it had lots of sugar.

WALT find where samoa is on the map of the world


Thursday, May 4, 2017

T.P.S A.N.Z.A.C Ceremony

Today after morning tea we had the ANZAC ceremony. This ANZAC ceremony was very solemn.  ANZAC  stands for Australian  New Zealand Army Corps. We paid our respect to the New Zealand people that were called to participate in world war 1. Milan and Michael  were the one’s that were representing the whole school ANZAC ceremony.

After that Ms Kyla did the karanga. A Karanga  is when you welcome the new people that are new to TPS.Next  we did the national anthem. We did the New Zealand national anthem and the Australian anthem.Next Milan and Michael  did the ode of remembrance. Then, each class representatives poems speeches facts to respect the soldier's laid.

After the ceremony I felt very very solemn for all of the soldiers that died in  world war 1 and risked their  life fighting for New Zealand.  I wish that world wars do not happen in the future. Because how would you feel when your dad or  anyone  in your family  go to war. How would you feel if someone in your family died in war. I would actually be very sad.     
Very sad .

Feedback from the teacher

my personal goal

Monday, May 1, 2017