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Letter to Santa

Dear santa,
Thank you for getting what I wanted. I got exactly what I wanted. I requested a skateboard and A helmet I even got more from you. I am so thankful that I got what I want. I am grateful that I got the good skateboard. And also thank you santa for giving us what we wanted.



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Trees for Survival

Trees are important because they give us oxygen,food and also help to stop global warming. We need to grow more trees because we only have 23.8% trees covering Auckland. But some lumberjacks always cut down the trees. But if you cut down trees then that means that you do not know what oxygen is. But we need to cut trees because there are lots of people that are homeless in Auckland. We  need to build schools and lots of shopping centers. But at the same time we are destroying animal habitats.

The statistics show that 23.8% of the land is covered with forests. So that means that we do not need to worry about the environment and grow more trees to survive in future.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Skills flow activity

I loved sharing my knowledge about the tapa cloth with my friends. If you need to teach someone you first need to teach yourself. You also need to learn new words. If you do not know how to make a tapa cloth, just follow the steps below.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


There are 48 lollies that have to be placed evenly on each sixth of the cake. How many lollies will be there on each sixth of the cake 8

48 divide by 6=8


12cm+12cm=24cm 8cm+8cm=16cm 24cm+16cm=40cm

Forest block

18mm+18mm=36mm 14mm+14mm=28 mm36mm+28mm=64mm

School grounds 190m+210m+110m+90m+260m=860m

Happy birthday card

14cm+14cm=28cm 20cm+28cm=48cm 48cm+28cm=76cm




12cm+12cm=24cm 8cm+8cm=16cm 24cm+16cm=40cm

Forest block

18mm+18mm=36mm 14mm+14mm=28 mm36mm+28mm=64mm

School grounds 190m+210m+110m+90m+260m=860m

Happy birthday card

14cm+14cm=28cm 20cm+28cm=48cm 48cm+28cm=76cm

Katie 3+1+1= 6 km



Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Special things in my life


Today  I read a book called Gorilla. This book is by   Browne. This book is about a little girl that asked  her dad  question but he was always busy. The little girl was interested with gorilla’s. I like this book because there is a toy gorilla that turned into a huge toy.

Image result for gorilla bookThe new word that I learnt was christian

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Today I read the  Chicken Big by Keith Graves. This book is about a big humongous chicken that was laid from a little chicken and they thought that he was a elephant.
I liked this book because the character in this story was very funny.

Chicken BigThe new word that I learnt was apparently. It means - As far as one knows or can see.

Maths test

Monday, November 13, 2017

Moment In time

Paddles thunder soggy grass
Lots and lots of hail from the sky.
Lots of hail on the track water swishing on the grass

And pattering on the window sill.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Artists expressions through colours

WALT understand that artists use colour to describe their feelings

My subject is turtles. Turtles  inspire me because they are hard outside with the shell and they are soft inside and are so gentle. I have chosen colors that represent the Ocean. So I have chose white because it signifies peace and I also chose green and yellow and blue. The green and yellow and blue are the colours of mother earth. It reminds me of my dad who is tough on the outside to hi children but loves and protects them. He make me do hard Maths and Reading tasks but I know that he is actually helping me to be brainy.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Best holiday ever

Hurry up” we are” going to Auntie anne's” house muttered mum. Because Dad is going to church. And after that he’s going to come a little bit later after 12. We were still at the house waiting for dad to  change and take a shower. It was kind of them to let us come over to there house. We went to Auntie anne’s house when it was about 6 u’clock. So we got in the car and drived passed Countdown and got in my Auntie’s house she had two daughters that are sixteen years old and they go to One Tree Hill college close to my nanny’s house. When we go inside I could see Auntie Anne cooking dinner and my uncle was at work still working until in the morning on 7. She was cooking hot potatoes in the kitchen. And then after she cooked hot potatoes we all watched a movie on Netflix on the TV we were watching puss and boots. There was a airbed that we had to blow with the blower so it can be pumped up. We got our pillows and our blankets we lied down onto to the airbed and watch the movie puss and boots on Netflix. One of Auntie anne’s daughters were cooking and helping Auntie anne. When the food was ready we ate then after that we ate two topsy each. Then we slept and then in the morning we ate breakfast and then my uncle came when it was after 7 and then he brang 8 fizzy drinks and we watched thrones of Elves then 10 minutes later my Dad came. We stayed a little bit to watch thrones of Elves then we went with the box of topsy and then we had to say goodbye to them and their daughters.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Maths problems

Word Problems using the number 8:

Panikeke is the island version of a fried donut. The local bakery put 4 Panikekes in each pack that they sell. If they sell 8 packs, how many Panikekes have they sold altogether? 4x8=32

The All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby union team. During their rugby training the All Blacks use 48 cones. If 8 All Black players helped pick up all 48 cones and all 8 of them pick up the same amount of cones, how many cones does each All Black player pick up?8x6=64

Extra for early finishers:

There a 7 days in one week. The Panmure Shopping Centre open up a new barber shop and the shop owner says that only 8 customers visit his barber shop each day of the week (no more than and no less than). How many customers would visit the new barber shop in one week?8x7=56

Tamaki Primary school have an egg race day and 72 students have signed up for the race. If there are 8 teams and they have the same amount of students in each one, how many students will be in each team?8x9=72
Other questions:

If I can dig 16 holes in 8 hours, how many holes can I dig in 1 hour?

If there are 8 people sitting at a table and each person is served 4 waffles each, how many waffles have been served altogether?

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Swimming Recount

At school after morning tea we went to the Lagoon pool and  I was so excited. So we went on the bus and then the teachers on the  bus told people to leave space so there could be a thread on each seat. But some of them were little seats that can only fit in one person from room 6. In the bus we went with room five and room eight because room seven went in the morning to the pools. Everyone was singing songs in the bus so it doesn't feel very bored.When we got to the Lagoon pools Miss Sharma said to us to be quiet and  she called room six to go first. to go inside the swimming pools then she called room eight to go then she called room five to go.

When all the classrooms went inside we started to take off our school uniform and wear our swimming clothes. Then Miss Sharma politely said to us which group” are you” in so we replied back to her and said our group.when we went inside the pools we saw room  three do traffic movements in the pool even Miss Irene saw them do traffic movement they even had to go under a massive light  blue square by pulling the water towards them so they can move faster.than they were finished so we got to go inside the pool and learn what room three has learnt in swimming but first we had to learn how to do a streamline.

She halved the pool so we don’t go everywhere because sometimes we don’t listen to the instructor. So she halved the pool so we can stay in line and so can do it perfect then after that she taught as how to float on our backs then she taught as how to swim in the water  then we had to get our board we had to hold it on the bottom and kik our legs.when we were doing the streamline we had to bend your knees and push then you have to rub your feet together and kik.After that we were going to do a race.  we had to swim without touching the ground.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

MY kite poem

Image result for kite gifsImage result for kite gifs

I see Kites everywhere
I like when they fly

I like how they move they move like they are alive

Recount about flying a kite

Yesterday afternoon we went with our bags to where the bike shed is because we are going to fly kites. But Miss Sharma said to us to not go passed the tree with the seat’s because Miss Kayla's class which is room ten was there doing kiwi can. So we were going on the grass but on the other side.

We were running with our kites to make it fly in the air but first we had to put all our bags on the steps next to the hole. We were running with our own kites but davlyn and gus did not have a kite so they used Miss Sharma’s one. And they had to make one tomorrow. Well  we were flying the kites I saw Levi’s kite get stuck on the tree. And then gus climbed the tree and got levi’s kite  but levi did not have that much time to fly his kite because the bell rang.

Miss Sharma was filming as flying our kites. We could just stand and let our kites get blow in the air.We had to get our kites and take them home with our bags but Miss Sharma shouted to us DON'T FLY YOUR KITE WELL WALKING HOME.           

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Character description

Tane Mahuta

“ I am Tane the one that is going to make this world a beautiful place with flowers and trees. I am strong and also fearless I am the son that separated my parents apart so people could have the day and the nights.I am so strong that I can Lift up my Father. I am the hero. I can bring lots of food to the world so they don't starve".

The earth was without any trees, flowers and fruits. So people did not have anything to eat and the earth looked barren and boring. Tane started to plant little saplings and then he created some insects, butterflies and birds. The earth slowly began to look pretty.

It was because of Tane’s hard work that the world was created and it became a beautiful place for people to live.

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Choices of food Tally chart

Which is the favourite dish for your class?

Black forest cake with fruit salad
1 people
Choice of fish with creamy, herby  pasta and fruit salad

5 people
Butter chicken with rice and salad

15 people


How is our restaurant will be different ?

We will Make our own dishes

Adding different spices

It’s different because the different materials we use

It is different because it is healthy

It is healthy because we are cutting on the salt,fat,and sugar.

How to earn money before opening a restaurant and still follow your passion?

Getting a job

Delivering food

Going to a cooking show

Sell food at a market

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WALT describe our scene for our narrative

               Image result for beach             The chilly beach

The sun was reflecting onto the deep blue crystal clear water. The massive clouds were floating in the gigantic blue sky while the seawater was slapping the rocks. It seemed like the tide was coming in. I could smell the salty sea and feel the sloppy squishy sand on the chilly beach. I felt cold and the shiver went down my spine. Far away I could hear another huge waves making it’s way towards the shore.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Exemplar 1

WALT understand how to write a good scene for our narrative

Sunday, August 20, 2017


WAL to know our charters after our                  first reading
Pania was a brave and confident girl because she said she was not scared of heights and she was not scared to jump off the west tower.
Matui is someone that is scared of heights and that does not want to jump off the west tower and that is not confident and his stomach felt jelly on the where to the top .
Uncle hone was kind of person that encourage them to jump off the west tower.


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Image result for gandhiWhen was Gandhi born? Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869.

Which god did Gandhi’s mother worshipped? Gandhi’s mother worshipped Vishnu.

How would you describe apartheid?
White people are treated better then black people.

Why was gandhi told to leave the train?
He was told to leave the train because he was not white.

What sort of protests did Gandhi  
Believed  in non-violent  

Why was Gandhi put in prison in march 1922? He was sent to jail because he encouraged people to stand up to the government.

Why did the british decide to help improve the lives of the poorer people.they helped the poor people because they think there’s gonna be a war.

Gandhi is a brave person because he stood up for India.  

Sunday, July 23, 2017


On  the holidays me and my family stayed at home because the weather was to chilly outside.So my big sister cooked some good warm food.We could not go outside because the grass was wet and it was sokey outside. We watched despicable me three.we could watch it because it already came out. My big sister is name is anne-(Ane) she goes to University.she’s gonna study  at Auckland University for two years then go back to tonga. It’s so sad because she can’t cook the yummy food for us to eat.  

Monday, July 3, 2017

healthy breakfast

Break-fast is the most important meal of the day. Because if you skip breakfast you will have no energy and your body won't function at it’s best. You will feel sleepy or exhausted. For an  example  imagine you are a car and the break-fast is the fuel . Without breakfast, it’s like running a car without fuel.

You should have the four major food groups in your break-fast,  except for one which is called fats and sugars. The four major food groups is carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and milk and milk products. Make sure you have all the  four food groups in your breakfast.

When we buy our food we should   make sure that the packet is not expired or it has lots of sugar. Because if it has lots of sugar you can keep on ageing or your brain will stop working.some porridges have lots of sugar. So make healthy choices.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dark chocolate

Image result for dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is good to  eat because it has less sugar but more coca. We need to read the labels to find which chocolate is healthy .


Image result for brown breadImage result for white bread

Whole grain bread are good because they are made of whole grain. White breads are made out of refined grain. These breads are known as white breads and are nat very nutritious.

A balanced plate

The four food groups

Image result for the 5 major food groups
There are 5 major food groups These are
-Milk and milk products
-sugars and fats

Sugars and fats are the least important because  they are unhealthy. We should make sure that we choose to eat foods that come from the first four food groups.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Spinning wheel

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 11.51.06.png
equipment required
Fidget spinner .
Cardboard -  To draw a spinning  wheel.
counters .

How many people can play the game? Four

Instructions to play the game?
Use a fidget spinner pointer to spin.
Check the number it has landed on.
Tell the quarter or half of the number.
The person who gets the most correct is the winner.

Each person gets 10 turns.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Te Tuhi

Yesterday we went with Mrs Sharma  Kathy and Mariana  to Te Tuhi first. we had to get  on the bus, when we got on the bus the boys started to sing. When we got to te tuhi we had to draw symbols about our cultures. The person that  showed us around was Salome. After we went to watch a movie about famous artist and then we went to sit on the ground.  Salome said to us what did you see?  We saw stuff stuck to the middle poles and then we went back on the bus. Then went back to school then wrote a recount.   

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The windy weather

The  wind freezing my spine the sun and the wind fighting, The sun trying to heat up the earth.

the wind trying to destroy mother nature  the birds flying with fear  to their nest.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


A cold winter morning

Today we were learning to write a poem using free verses. We had to chose our words carefully we had to go outside and brainstorm all the words we can think about.Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 13.03.49.png
The sun glittering like beads falling from the sky.
The leaves blowing into the soaky grass.
The fresh floppy green grass drifting in the cold breeze.
The birds twittering in the sixty year old maple tree.
The air has whiff of the fresh cut green grass
There is wetness in the air.

Monday, June 5, 2017

WAL why sugar is bad for us

Bad effects of Sugar

Sugar is bad for you because your organs can get fat.

It is bad because it can give you a headache.

Sugar can causes tooth Decay.

Added sugar has no nutrients in it.

Added sugar can overload your liver and can give you diseases.

Added sugar can give you diabetes.

It can stop your brain from working.

It can make you keep on ageing, this mean your organs get old faster.

Added sugar can give you bad diseases like cancer.

Sugar is the main cause of obesity in our country.

Sugar raises your risk of heart disease.                                                                                         

  9 grams natural sugarImage result for how much sugar in juice                                                                    
           Fruit juice

Image result for how much sugar in vegetables juice
     Vegetable juice
   2.1grams of natural sugar

Image result for how much sugar  in apple juice
           Apple juice
     10 grams of natural sugar

Image result for carrot juice
   Carrot juice
3.9 grams of natural sugar

Image result for grape juice
          Grape juice
     14 grams of natural sugar

Image result for orange juice
Orange juice 8 grams of natural sugar