Monday, May 21, 2018


On friday we were given  one large blank piece of paper. We got one tiny puzzle piece. We had to copy it. There were 20 puzzle pieces. We got one piece each so that means that we got 1/20 as a fraction. We had to chose the correct colors for the paper. We had to chose them carefully.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Did you know that the sun is like a nuclear bomb ?

Did you know that the sun is a giant magnet ?

 The sun is made out of hydrogen ,helium and gas.

In fact the sun is a fire star! 

 The sun is called solar.
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Last week on volleyball we were learning how to get into position.  How to get into position is easy you just have to relax your arms. We also learnt how to pass the ball to our buddy. We learnt to serve the ball well. After that we played a little game. In the game we had to choose the best catcher. Then if they caught it we help them to catch the other throws.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


WALT about time,hours,minutes

On the first week we had to solve maths problems about time. We were working in groups. There were a lot of words. We had to work out the math problems. Then present and share it to the classroom.

It was challenging for me to focus on the maths problem.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Iron up sports

I learnt to embed a photo and put it on my blog post.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


My sgraffito is about Mokoia Pa. Mokoia Pa was a fortified village where Maori lived . Mokoia Pa had fertile soil because it was a volcano. The Maori grew vegetables from the fertile soil. Mokoia Pa had lots of protection because it was on a hill. Which is good because they could see the enemies that were attacking. Mokoia Pa is next to the Tamaki River. They transported with a waka to catch fish. Later on there was a bridge that existed. It was called Panmure Bridge.

My challenge is to put one idea in one sentence.
I learnt about history of Panmure.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Where is our school

Te Tuhi

 We travelled by bus to Te Tuhi.

We went to Te Tuhi on term one.

We went to Te Tuhi with room 8.

We went to Te Tuhi.

We went to Te Tuhi  to create art.

When we got to Te Tuhi this girl named Salome Took us to the art room.  And then when we got there we had to wear Aprons and then we had to paint a A4 paper black and then wait for it to dry out. And then after that we had to trace letters with A grey pencil and then sketch native thing that belong to New Zealand.  And then we had to trace the native things that we sketched with a tool. And then we had to get A coloring paper and put it under the A4 Paper so it could be colorful. And then we went to watch a movie. And then we played a game.

Lagoon Leisure

We travelled by bus.

We went to Lagoon Leisure on trem one.

We went to Lagoon Leisure with the whole school.

We went to Lagoon Leisure.

We went to Lagoon Leisure so we can have fun.

We were swimming in the pools and we

Got to go into the slide and go in the sprinklers.


What does caring look like?
Caring looks like helping someone.
Why do I show caring?
We show caring so we can help them.
When do I demonstrate caring?
You have  to demonstrate caring everytime.
Who am I caring towards?
We are caring towards everyone.
Where do I show caring?
We show caring everywhere.
How am I going to show caring?

We show caring by helping someone

Mokoia Pa

We Travelled to Mokoia Pa by walking.
We went to Mokoia Pa on Friday the 16 of March.

We went to Mokoia Pa with room 8,room 7,room 6,room 

We went to Mokoia Pa.

We went to Mokoia Pa so we can no the History of Panmure.

At Mokoia Pa we had to walk up a big hill and we had to sit in front of the Angle church. And we had to listen to the teacher because they were telling us the history of the church. And then we went to where the chief lived.

Streets around us

Tripoli and T.P.S
Tripoli is the place where the Neptune ship sunk. 150 New                    Zealander died. The German enemies were the ones that put the mines in the deep sea. 764 people were on the ship and that sunk.

Tripoli and T.P.S 
We have these street names so they could protect us. Because there is kids inside Tamaki Primary. We also have these street names because if something bad happens then they will be there. The streets that are around us they are named after the people that fought in the past.

Comic Strip

My comic strip is about picking up the rubbish.
Because if you don't pick up your rubbish it will end up in the river.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frist Bridges

On Friday Kia Toa went to the yacht boating club , to view the site of the first Panmure Bridge. It was a swing bridge, The old swing bridge was very old, That it was unsafe for cars to drive over.Then we talked about the  new bridge that was made.On the other  side of the bridge there  was Pakuranga fields also  on the other side of the bridge  was Panmure. Hemi  use to paddle over to  the other side of the bridge which was  Pakuranga. Hemi also use to go and grow plants. He  transported his plants to  Australia to sell them. 

Two   weeks  ago in America There  was a steel bridge that only  pedestrians could pass on but no car could go on. It was a bridge for the university people to cross to the other side of the university.
The bridge collapsed onto the passing cars that were driving on the eight  lane  highway. Then the people in the car got injured. Then the emergency people came to help the people that got injured. The emergency helicopter came but they sended it away because it was noisey.

I learnt that the panmure bridge was a swing bridgeImage result for panmure bridge

Saturday, April 7, 2018

My profile about me

Malo e lelei my name is Wesley I am from Tonga but I was born in New Zealand. I go to Tamaki Primary School. I have been in Tamaki Primary School for 5 years.

I am very good at rugby and maths. I have enjoyed being in this school because we do fun things like playing outside. My challenges and goals are learning my 7x and to focus on my learning.

I am looking forward to go to each sport tournament. I want to achieve my goals in reading and all sorts of learning. Also my challenge is to get 600 blog post.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Waka Tapu By Jeff Evans

In A nutshell I learnt that there are nuts inside in it.

What is it about? 
it is about chiefs sailing to other islands.

Where did it happen?
it happen in Rapanui (Easter Island).

When did it happen?  
It happened in 2012.

Who are they talking about? 
The story is talking about the ancestors that use to sail the sea.

Why did they travel?
They travel around so they could go to Easter Island.

How did they travel 
They were  traveling  by boat.