Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Card Castle

WALT: Work in a team Last week on Tuesday we were in Kiwi Can playing a game called card castle. We were versing the girls. In fact we had to build a castle with cards and see who’s one is the best. And that's how you would win. The game sounded so wonderful I said “WOW!!!. We started building our card castle but it kept on falling and we had to rebuild it again and again until there was no time so we made a little castle. Furthermore we made a castle that would not take long and that would not fall over and over again and again. The castle never fell when someone stomped so we won. I was so happy I said “Yeah!!!!!!

Flag Football-Kiwi Sport

On Monday the 20th of October we went to Kiwi sport in the hall. We had to have Kiwisport in the hall because it was wet outside. When we got there we saw two coaches. They taught us what we're playing American football or rippa rugby. They said that we have to learn about American football the position is quarterback.When you throw you turn it around. When you catch you make a diamond shape and when you hold the football you have to make sure it's touching your elbow and chest.

Monday, October 22, 2018



1 garden has 5 strawberries
5 gardens have 25 strawberries

So there are 5 rows of 5 strawberries so 5x5=25