Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frist Bridges

On Friday Kia Toa went to the yacht boating club , to view the site of the first Panmure Bridge. It was a swing Bridge, The old swing bridge was very old, That it was unsafe for cars to drive over.Then we talked about the  new bridge that was made.On the other  side of the bridge there  was Pakuranga fields also  on the other side of the bridge  was Panmure. The man's  name was Hemi. Hemi  use to paddle over to  the other side of the bridge which was  Pakuranga. Hemi also to go and produce some plants. He   transported his vegetables to  Australia to sell them. 

Two   weeks  ago in America   there was a university that was splitted into two parts  in America on  a eight lane highway. There  was a steel bridge that only  pedestrians could pass on but no car could go on. It was a bridge for the university people to cross to the other side of the university.
The bridge collapsed onto the passing cars that were driving on the eight  lane  highway. Then the passing cars got injured. Then the emergency people came to help the people that died. The emergency helicopter came but they sended it away because it was noisey.
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I learnt that the panmure bridge was a swing bridge

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