Saturday, April 28, 2018

Te Tuhi

 We travelled by bus to Te Tuhi.

We went to Te Tuhi on term one.

We went to Te Tuhi with room 8.

We went to Te Tuhi.

We went to Te Tuhi  to create art.

When we got to Te Tuhi this girl named Salome Took us to the art room.  And then when we got there we had to wear Aprons and then we had to paint a A4 paper black and then wait for it to dry out. And then after that we had to trace letters with A grey pencil and then sketch native thing that belong to New Zealand.  And then we had to trace the native things that we sketched with a tool. And then we had to get A coloring paper and put it under the A4 Paper so it could be colorful. And then we went to watch a movie. And then we played a game.

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